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  • The 31 Heroes Fund Raiser. Honoring our fallen Military Heroes.

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Starting CrossFit

Congratulations, you’ve made a big decision to get started! Many people decide that they need to get in “shape” before they start CrossFit, and stay in their fitness trap. What you’re doing is not exciting you and you’re not getting fitter. How can this get you ready for CrossFit?
We’re experts in functional fitness, nutrition, body therapies, and more! We here to help you
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If what you’re doing isn’t bringing you the results you want then doing more of it isn’t the answer. Every one of our trainers is a professional, first and foremost. Your progress is our responsibility, and we take it seriously! Don’t wait to get to started, you’re missing out on the fun!
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Integrated therapies, for life.

We understand that fitness is just one part of a healthy lifestyle. We have a diverse range of skills that can help you attain a higher level of fitness. Above the gym is a 500 SF Rolfing/Yoga studio, ready to help keep your body moving well.
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