Integral Membership Prices

The community at Integral CrossFit is small, friendly and committed to their fitness. The small class size–no more than 10–allows the Coaches space and time to work with you as you need it. We program your warmups and workouts for you, instruct you in the movements for every class, offer nutritional guidance, if desired, and  advice on how to approach the workout.  We’ll also guide you through scaling your workouts to meet your goals, fitness level, and monitor your progress. Every time you walk in the door you are greeted by the Coaches and your fellow Athletes. We are not a typical gym where you pay to come in and use the machines; we have a very active Truant Officer who will contact you if you’re not coming in.

There are No Contracts to sign, after you’re first month with us you can tell us what level of training you’d like to make.

For those looking to maximize their fitness.


  • Unlimited group classes: $180/month autopay.
  • Open Gym
  • Integral Barbell Club
  • Experienced CrossFit athletes (most provide a reference or test out of OnRamp): First Month Unlimited $165.
  • Couples and groups $165/month autopay.
Personal Training
For the person looking to maximize their techniques with one of our Certified CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Coaches.

  • 60min. $75/session.
  • Individual Training Session, 30 min. $50/session.
  • Discounts available for 5 and 10 session packages.
If you want a little less volume than unlimited.

  • Three weekday and Saturday class: $165/month autopay.
Get Fit for CrossFit
For people new to CrossFit.


This course is a designed to maximize your introduction to the CrossFit movements. The Coaches will instruct you in a small group setting, no more than 6 to a class. The movement progressions over the month allow you the time to become confident with them moving from the simplest to the more complicated.
This course is required for all new Athlete’s at Integral CrossFit, unless you test out.

Foundations of CrossFit Seminar
This is a 4 hour seminar with our coaches where we instruct and help you with: Goal setting for your training, Nutrition, the programming philosophy and scaling, the Olympic lifts… You’ll do a workout with as well.

  • Foundations Seminar $50/session.


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