Do you Feel Lost at the Gym?


We’re here to change that!

Remove the Obstacles to Improvement


We Program and Coach. You train.

Bring the Excitement Back to your Fitness


Constantly Varied Programming keeps Training Fresh

Don't be stopped by Painful Joints


We offer Low Impact Interval Training to Burn Fat and build Lean Muscle.

Train with a Dedicated Group


Benefit from the Friendship and Motivation of a Small Group

Get 1:1 Coaching


Private Training if you want more specificity

Individual Fitness Design


A Fitness Program Designed for You.

Get Caring Personal Attention


Coaches help and support you when you need it

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Click the note below to go to our schedule, and book your Free Consult. Learn more here.

Step 2

Complete our 3 session OnRamp program either privately or with a family/friend member. Learn more here

Step 3

After completing the OnRamp you pick a membership level that works best for you.

A Quick Guide to our Offerings!


Free Consult

Are you a grandparent who wants to keep up with the grand kids? Are you recovering from an injury? Are you an athlete wanting more strength/power/agility for a specific sport? We have a program that can help you meet these and other goals.

The No Sweat Introduction is the first step. It provides a no obligation way for you to get to know Integral CrossFit and our Coaching Staff. We schedule an appointment, to find out more about your fitness goals and current fitness level and for you to see what Integral CrossFit has to offer.

You’ll also have time to ask us questions about our training philosophy, the facility, our community and normal gym logistics. The No Sweat part of this is two fold: there’s no workout involved and more importantly no high pressure sales tactics. If you decide you’d like to try us the second step it the Free Community Workout.

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Private Training

Whether one-on-one or with a small group of your friends (up to 4), Private Training with one of our Certified Coaches is a great way to get started in CrossFit.

We start with a goal setting meeting and a comprehensive assessment of your current body composition, functional movement ability and work capacity. Integrating this analysis with your fitness goals, we design a program and plan to get you results in a reasonable time frame.  We teach you the movements you need to know and coach you through the workout each time we meet.

Find out more and register here.



 1:1, 2:1 and Small Group On Ramp

On Ramp is our CrossFit Basics class. It consists of three sessions each an hour long, sessions taught by our expert coaches in private session. This is the best way we’ve found to introduce you to CrossFit. You’ll learn all you need to know to feel comfortable with CrossFit’s Foundational Movements and get started on your CrossFit Journey. At the end of the five sessions you’ll have the rest of the month as an unlimited member. If you’d like to do the OnRamp with your partner or friend we have a two on one option.

Register for 1:1 OnRamp

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Fascia Agility

Rejuvenate your body while gaining Strength and Agility. Fascia Agility starts every month, meets in the gym one hour a week and provides you with two workouts for you do at home. Fascia Agility combines gentle movements that restore hydration to the body’s neurofascial network and slowly introduces the toning qualities of CrossFit training. No barbell work is included. This is a class that is designed to restore your ability to move and maintain postural integrity.

Find out more or register now.

Specialty Courses/Seminars

Besides our regular courses we offer a number of specialty courses and seminars. These are two hour classes where we go over a more extensive introduction to the: Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Pullups (regular/kipping), Rowing, Jump Rope, Pose Running… We also work Mountain View Fire to offer CPR/AED training as part of our AED Project.

Olympic Lifting is a specialty course that is included in the Unlimited Membership and can be purchased separately.

CrossFit Endurance is a specialty course we offer when the weather is warmer.

Fascial Movement Taping is a seminar we offer throughout the year.

Foundations of CrossFit is a seminar we offer throughout the year.

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