Membership Rates

At Integral CrossFit value comes from our business model and the maturity and professionalism of our Coaching and Support Staff. We value your trust in selecting us to coach you. We understand that we have to earn your respect every time you come in the gym. We also value your training and will help keep you on track–we have a Truant Officer.

Our staff hold multiple professional degrees… as well as extensive certifications and continuing education in Fitness, Nutrition, Coaching. We understand working hard to reach a goal. We are continually pursuing excellence and mastery of the arts of coaching, nutrition and fitness program design. Whether you’re joining us to train for competitions, general fitness or to lose fat and look better we can help you.

Our business model is based on access to our coaching staff, not just to our equipment. You will always have access to a coach in one of our classes. We do not require a long term contract, we prefer to earn your patronage each time you com in, not lock you into commitment, all we ask is a two week notice.

Our class sizes are kept small to assure that you are provided with continuous monitoring and that we will recognize when you’re in the gym and when you’re not. Yes we have a truant officer to remind you that we want to train with you.

Our community of athletes is inclusive and welcoming. No matter what your current fitness level you’ll find a place here.

CrossFit Memberships

We have three types of memberships: Group Classes (Twelve/month or Unlimited), Private Training and Specialty Classes.

12 Classes a Month

Month to Month No Contract
  • Twelve CrossFit Group Classes a Month
  • $66 adder for Olympic Weight Lifting (55% Discount!)
  • One FREE Seminar/Year
  • Includes 1 Free Saturday with friend

Half Hour Personal Training

Hourly No Contract
$39/Half Hour

Unlimited CrossFit

Month to Month No Contract
  • Unlimited CrossFit Group Classes
  • $39 adder for Olympic Weight Lifting (65% Discount!)
  • Unlimited Open Gym time
  • One Free Seminar/Year
  • 20%¬† Seminar Discount
  • Couples Discount
  • Bring a friend for Free on Saturday

Personal Training

While small group classes are wonderful for sharing the cost of having a Coach, they are not for everyone. If you’re desiring more personal attention to accelerate your progress. Programming that is designed for you to assure your goals are met. Then Personal Training is more appropriate option. We offer a number of packages with discounts and with the 5 and 10 session packages more individual assessment.

Personal Training

Accelerate Your Progress
$79/39/Hour/Half Hour
  • Have a specific problem you want to work on, start on a new skill?
  • Use this option.
  • One on One with a Coach
  • Goal Setting
  • Movement Assessment–Hour option
  • Personal Programming Available after session.
  • This is the price for a one time training session, for either an Hour or Half Hour,

Personal Training Ten Pack

Twenty Percent Discount
$649/10 Hours
  • This is the ten hour package. We also offer half hour ten pack
  • One on One with a Coach
  • Goal Setting
  • Movement Assessment
  • Summation Body Composition
  • Work Capacity Analysis
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Personal Programming available

OnRamp Introduction to CrossFIt

OnRamp is the class where we introduce you to the CrossFit movements we’ll be using in class. As the name connotes this class gets you up to speed to merge with our ongoing classes. We offer OnRamp as a small group class, one to one and two to one with a Coach.


Small Group OnRamp

Four people learning the Fundamentals
  • This is a small group, no more than four, person class. You’ll attend three hour long classes over two weeks. The remainder of the month as an Unlimited Member. You can attend Saturday group classes once you begin. This class requires 3 or 4 people.

Two on One OnRamp

Two students one Coach, perfect for couples or friends.
$369/3 hours
  • Schedule the OnRamp at a time that’s convenient for you and your partner or friend. Three one hour OnRamp sessions. The remainder of the month as Unlimited Members. You’re welcome to attend Saturday classes once you start.

In 2017 we plan to hold one Specialty Course month. Pricing for our Specialty Courses/Seminars can be found on their individual pages here.

Cancellation and Hold Policy.

One week written notice for cancellation. Limit of one hold mid-billing cycle each year.


We offer discounts to teachers, full time students, veteran full time students.

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