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“Stop Playing Games with your FITNESS… And Start Getting GREAT Results!”

Periodized Programming will provide the changes you’ve been looking for:

Lose FAT

   while getting Stronger.


Gain An Agile

   Body, that moves well.


Get a Leaner Body

    that Burns Fat.


Rev up your

     Cardio Engine.


 SPARK uses Three Proven Methods

Cardio (Metabolic Conditioning)

We use two main methods for your Cardio training, Rowing and Running. The use of the Concept 2 Rower allows us to program low impact—easy on your joints—Cardio training that accessible to all. Most people only train one of three metabolic pathways with Cardio, the oxidative pathway. We program to train three pathways (Creatine Phosphate, Glycolitic and Oxidative) which we call Metabolic Conditioning.

We’ll assess your particular needs and then develop a program to address them. There’s no better low impact full body cardio training than Rowing. Our rowers are powered by your effort, not a motor. They’ll challenge and strengthen your core and cardio/respiratory system.


We use KettleBells and DumbBells to support the development of Lean Muscle, Increase Bone Density and for Strength. This addition will create a fat burning metabolic response.

Research shows that the addition of just one pound of lean muscle will increase your fat burning by 7 pounds a year!


 Each class is programmed with some fun agility exercises to get you laughing and moving better. You may have called these exercises Calisthenics or Gymnastics when you did them in school. These are a mixture of body weight movements that will increase your balance, core strength and comfort doing different motions. You’ll be more Agile and less prone to falls.

 You’ll leave the SPARK BOOTCAMP with Less Fat, More Lean Muscle, Stronger Bones and more Agile reducing Falls.

 Register for FREE Movement Assessment Before Camp.

Assessment/Enrollment Date


April 20 – 28, 2017

The Movement Assessment will allow us to adjust the program to your needs.

Program Dates


May 1 – May 26

4 Weeks / 3 Classes Each Week

Class Time

MWF 9:30 – 10:30


$40 to Reserve Assessment

$129 Start of Class

$169 Total

No Contracts

SPARK Your Fitness Today!